my house

what is meant by my house?

That is, a place to stay as a shady umbrella for eternity to be occupied until death.

Why do houses have to be made, it is necessary to know that humans are God’s creatures who still have many shortcomings, and are very, very cold and hot if they do not have a place to take shelter from the heavy rain and the heat of the sun.

Thus humans really need a place to take shelter. why is that the most perfect god creature hierarchy compared to other god creatures, This is why houses need to be designed based on the desire and function of the purpose of building a place to live as a divine being. home design that follows the basic scientific function of a civil engineering which aims to make a stable residence with an economical structure and cost, here is a list of house designs that I think are quite good:

  1. Tropical design

  2. Modern minimalist design

  3. Classic modern collaboration design

  4. home design in winter

  5. Home design in summer

  1. Tropical design This design is a house design that intends to have the ability to protect humans from tropical climates, tropical climates that exist in Indonesia, and other countries that have tropical climates. Indonesia is classified as a country with a tropical climate with the following characteristics: – High rainfall. – Low air pressure. region of 23 1/2 ° N to 23 1/2 ° S. – Average air temperature ranges.

Tropical design This design

2. Modern   minimalist design is why it is called a modern minimalist design because in this era there are so many houses which are functional and mixed so that the diera designs are now simpler but the functions of the house are all used, so the house and the design become one.

Modern   minimalist design

  1. Classic design, modern collaboration, this design is a mixture of ancient designs and designs in the current era so that many home owners also think that they want an old design atmosphere but the feeling of a modern atmosphere remains attached to home design.

Classic design, modern collaboration

  1. Home design in winter is intended so that homeowners do not get cold, which in many countries have winter, this is necessary for a house in winter, but this is used as a thought where air conditioning can be used as two functions, namely hot and cold.

Home design in winter

  1. Home design in the summer This design is a necessity in all countries why almost all countries have summer, there is a lot of creativity in a civil engineering where the design of a house that is able to absorb heat from the sun is from a roof structure that uses heat-resistant materials and is supported by ceiling as a heat tap.

Home design in the summer

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