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Before we look at the types of minimalist home designs 2020, let’s first know the tips for choosing the right type of house!

Land prices are getting soaring here.

It’s good if you choose wisely before buying this dream house. Why?

This is because not every house is compatible with its owner, whether it is from a financial, building or design perspective.

Don’t regret it after you legally buy a house!

Understand Your Own Needs

Here’s how to choose a house type that is important to remember.

  1. Understand Your Own Needs

Before you buy the minimalist house of your dreams, you must first know it or it is bigger than the hospital building.

Like a small family of 3, for example.

Buying a house type 36 or 45 will feel more comfortable than type 21 or 120.

House type 21 will feel too immutable while 120 is too broad.

Family comfort that should be considered so that the experience of living at home does not feel bored or restless.

  1. Understand the Purpose of Purchasing a Home

In reality, we buy homes for a variety of reasons.

Most people buy a house as a place of shelter and rest, however…

… Not a few people also buy these commercial buildings as investments.

As we already know, house prices are increasing over time.

Buying a 24 or 36 tipi house is a great idea to start in the investment field.

The price is still affordable and the building is easy to sell so that you will get more profit later.

  1. Thinking about the location of the house

After passing the second test points above, now you will choose a home location.

There are many things that you have to respond to.

First of all, check the condition of the environment around the house, is it too crowded or too quiet.

Second, reports of places around the house, whether close to important buildings such as major roads, hospitals, police stations, or convenience stores.

A house that is located close to some of the places above (strategic) will feel more comfortable and safe.

In addition, the price will be more expensive over time so that it can be used as savings in the future.

  1. Thinking of the Future of the Home

What do you need to worry about for the future of the house?

The development process.

First of all, first ask the home developer whether your house can be developed or not.

Do not let there be more families or people in the house, the building must still be small.

If it can be developed, how far can you go home.

Small minimalist house types such as 24 and 36, mostly cannot be built more than 2 levels.

Apart from the safety factor, the appearance of the house will not be unsightly.