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pop ceiling design we need to know whether it is the ceiling

in this case we will discuss about the ceiling what is a ceiling ?. ceiling are the parts of the construction of building plans that cover between the framework of a building that is using a roof frame. The distance between the floor and ceiling is usually called the ceiling of the house. In the design of pop ceilings there are several functions of this ceiling itself including the ceiling is also part of the interior of the house which if the design of this good ceiling will make our homes more comfortable.

Why should it be installed properly because it can facilitate air circulation so that it can muffle the sound, especially for music rooms and the like. Now, after knowing the importance of the ceiling, we also want to tell you the minimalist ceiling designs that you can try in your home. With this minimalist ceiling design inspiration, you will be more observant in matters of minimalist ceiling for family homes!

Ceiling design model

  1. ceiling pop
  2. Minimalist ceiling with a touch of wood elements
  3. Wooden Beams Sweeten Minimalist Ceiling Home
  4. Minimalist White Ceiling Panels
  5. The more luminous with multilevel ceiling
  6. Tropical Accents With Classic Minimalist Ceiling
  7. Favorite Minimalist Ceiling Style For Family Rooms
  8. Minimalist ceiling textured a la Scandinavian style
  9. Ceiling and Wall Transition for the Right Combination
  10. Futuristic Minimalist Ceiling For Your Little One
  11. Funny & Unique Bathroom with Minimalist Ceiling
  12. Minimalist Wooden Ceiling in Classic Blue
  13. Minimalist ceiling for a modern interior
  14. Motif Stencil For Dreamy Minimalist Ceiling
  15. Limitation of Room with Low Minimalist Ceiling
  16. Sloping Minimalist Ceiling? The Room is More Beautiful

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Materials in making pop ceiling designs.

Ceiling can be made using wood boards, asbestos, plywood, hardboar, selotex, acustek title, jabar wood, particle board,  ceiling construction has several parts, namely:

ceiling frame.

  • retaining ceiling frames and cuttings.
  • cover / material for ceiling coverings

Ceiling mounting technique

Although the way to install ceiling for this house is specific to each ceiling model, but it also applies to every other ceiling installation.

  1. Installation of ceiling ceilings

In the installation of the ceiling frame must measure the height of the wall of the room to be installed by                  making a number of points or marks on the wall area for example.

  • Make 4 marks on each corner of the room using a water pass or water hose.
  • Make a straight line between one point with another point using a handyman pencil strap.
  1. Installation of angel wall
  • Place the wall angel in a straight line that was made earlier installed right at the bottom of the wall angel, then nails using concrete nails of 2 cm or 3 cm in size, spacing 30 cm apart.
  1. Make a mark with a distance of 60 cm.
  • After the angel wall is installed with all the walls of the next room is measuring Back on the angel wall trunk with a distance of 60cm.
  1. Hollow pair for middle frame
  2. Pair the hollow top for a hanger
  3. Pair ceiling frame hanger
  4. Install the ceiling board
  5. Cover the ceiling connection
  6. Rub the ceiling board connection
  7. Install the ceiling profile
  8. painting

Suspended ceilings – the most important construction of ceiling construction is the strength of the ceiling truss with ceiling profile roofs, and when this lack of strength is cause for concern. Therefore these predetermined measurements should not be changed just for the sake of taking a lot of profit, but the most important thing is the life of someone because there is no substitute for life.

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Pop design suspended ceilings – which must be considered in designing ceiling are:

The size of the material that will be used to make the area of ​​the room, for this plywood cover material should use this size 30 cm in order to be efficient in using the material. For example 1.25 X 1.25. And for materials that use asbestos, this is to use a size of 1.00 x 1.00 or 1.00 x 0.50. Thus this predetermined strength serves to make efficient materials, costs, time, energy, and others. The implementation of this ceiling after all the roof truss works has been completed.


Thus the info about the ceiling pop design may be useful for all of us, sorry if there are mistakes.

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