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design of balcony of a house

The balcony of the house is the front of the house or can also be called the upper porch, or terrace floor in a high-rise building.

Or also as a relaxed seat at the top level, either beside left, right, front or back. Lots of specifications in the manufacture of home balcony designs but not many how to complement the design of the beauty of the house. With the creation of the balcony of this house, making Something that was incomplete becomes complete, house balcony grill design

Some balcony models are recommended for terraced houses

  1. Balconies as well as corridors connecting between rooms
  2. Balcony equipped with garden and sitting area
  3. Balcony as a canopy downstairs
  4. Balcony with beautiful and cool lighting
  5. Minimalist balcony with glass railing
  6. Cantilever balconies
  7. Roofed balcony
  8. Balcony as part of the inner room
  9. Balcony as conditioning

balcony design in india houses    exterior house design with balcony

    house balcony grill design

house design with balcony photo   

The material used is to be able to use concrete, wood or steel structures, but what is usually used is to use concrete structures because materials are cheap and are widely found, if using this wood it is difficult to find expensive wood and must find a very good quality , because the strength required must be strong, if using steel the indication is at a cost because the cost is quite expensive, but its strength is guaranteed compared to concrete.

The trick to designing a balcony that only follows from existing homes. with this different design makes it unique for the house. And a more simple decoration or shape will be more pleasing to the eye.

Do you have to work at home? this is the trick in making balconies to be efficient and fast on target.

1. Plan the model you like
2. Make a work schedule
3. Make a budget plan
4. Make a work schedule
5. Making a schedule of material purchases
6. Prepare the material used to build

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