Home roof design

house addition roof design

The roof of the house is the cover of the house or building pliers in the upper part of the house. The design of the roof of the house itself with a variety of structural designs, from a variety of materials that are widely used is mild steel material. The design of the roof of the house that uses steel structure makes it easier to work and speed up time, but there are some obstacles, namely the cost of using mild steel that requires quite a lot of costs along with the type of roof frame based on the strength of the structure.

  1. Roof Structure Type pratt
  2. Roof Structure Howe Type
  3. Fink type roof truss structure
  4. Bowstring Type Roof Frame Structure
  5. Sawtooth Type Roof Structure
  6. Waren Structure Type waren type

roof railing design of a house in india

This is the reason why the roof is so many models that can be used in every home building. (Home roof design)

The design of the roof of the house which is the exterior design of the building makes a point of view for the users of the house itself. The roof of the house consists of a roof frame that forms the house itself and the covering can use tile, asbestos, zinc, and so on.

The function of the exterior design of the roof of this house is to attract the view of a visitor who wants to make a house. The ideal form makes it an attraction for many enthusiasts unique design also makes a beautiful home decoration, captivating the meaning of people’s attention.

flat roof house plans design

 The function of the roof of the house is

  • so that rain water does not enter the house.
  • And receive sunlight so that the temperature in the house becomes comfortable.
  • The roof itself has the main function of which is to hold the weight of the horses and the vertical directed coating material then proceed to the foundation column.
  • And the other to withstand horizontal wind.

Material prices vary according to the needs of the house to be made, when a building is finished, the strength of the house itself must be considered, if the calculated strength is not appropriate, it will have fatal consequences. Can swallow the lives of humans / residents of the house itself

The design model of the roof of the house coloring the shape of the house, the roofing of the house and joints in the structure of the roof of the house has the strength and calculated using the formula, but because now many applications that make it easy to design even complete from the beginning to the end of construction pop design roof house

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