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What we need to know about the garage garage house before we make a home garage is that we have to understand the garage, is that a garage? what is meant by a garage is a place to store a car or other vehicle to avoid theft or to protect from the sun. There are several buildings whose garage, the places are various places there are under the building (basment), some are beside the house, some are behind, there are even those in front of the house,

But for the design of the garage it fits right next to the house for a family residence building, and for office buildings, malls, it’s right under the building (basment). interior design of garage

Steps to make a garage

  1. We must know the location of the house
  2. The area of ​​the house
  3. What type of house should be made
  4. Dimension of the vehicle
  5. How much money do we have to spend
  6. How much vehicle do we have?
  7. Calculate elevation when flooding
  8. Making a vehicle for the vehicle

After we know everything we just design our home design, then start building.

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Why do homes have to have a vehicle garage?

Because in the procedure of planning a residential house, it must have a vehicle parking space so that the living space of the residence is fulfilled based on the function of the room in a simple or luxurious residence, it can be seen here Luxurious house.

Another function of the garage

Garage in addition to storing vehicles and also used to:

  • For automotive enthusiasts also used to store tools, vehicle parts.
  • And much more about the function of the garage for other purposes.

design of garage gate (5)

design of garage (5)

Thus we can design the garage well and do not violate the rules of the garage design in accordance with what we already know about building design, more precisely the operational standard of the building. landscape design in front of garage

So a little knowledge about making a dream home, hopefully useful, thank you.

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