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greenhouse is a house that saves electricity with glass can reduce lighting that uses electricity. The design of the greenhouse makes the colors of the eyes desired by its design a modern design that makes all points of view beautiful in terms of interior and exterior. From the whole house there are also many home designs that are similar to items or something that is liked, ranging from the design of shoes, boats, cars, planes and others. greenhouse gases, And from the exterior side the design of the outside is the first sight, starting from the shape of the windows, doors, balconies, balestruds, and many more motifs to look outside the house details to see a very luxurious house. From the interior side this is the design of the contents of the house and the shape of the contents of the house and the profiles of the house must also be displayed so.

greenhouse arizona

The following concept design model of the greenhouse.

  1. Greenhouses for villas
  2. Hotel Greenhouse
  3. Greenhouses for apartments
  4. Greenhouses for offices
  5. Greenhouse for the design of the back house or terrace house.
  6. And home design for high rise building.

The strength of the construction of the house itself has been calculated before making the house and the budget has also been accelerated to be more efficient,  the advantages of greenhouses can be seen below.

  1. room lighting
  2. Light weight for multilevel buildings
  3. Homework is faster
  4. Save money on spending electricity
  5. The visibility of the room is getting wider
  6. And so on.

greenhouse effect

weatherguard greenhouse Canada

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