Dream House NYC: Suburb Dreams in the Heart of the City

Dream House NYC

Located in the heart of New York City, couple Matthew Klein and Andrea Kent built the Dream House NYC that comes from their wildest dream. It is to have a house that represents their suburbia identities. Though it is almost impossible to have a house with worthy outdoor space in Manhattan, the super modern, busy and tight area, they nailed the mission. Worth for totally $12,950,000, they are now enjoying the Dream House NYC they’ve been dreaming of.


Dream House NYC


The Jaw-dropping  NYC that Starts from Ordinary Suburb Dreams

Klein is from Westchester County, while his wife, Kent, comes from Tennessee. There was no such thing to bring the good memories of their origin other than to represent every single thing through their living place in New York City. An Upper West Side townhouse attracted them, though it was totally mess on the inside. Klein, 35-year-old private investor, still saw huge potential, said he fell in love with the bones of the house. It wasn’t nonsense for him to take the challenge by purchasing the house for $4.9625 million back in 2012. We can see now the look of this NYC, which is absolutely terrific with luxurious pastel and monochrome colors overwhelming the inner side.

What about the suburbia idea they insist to enliven in such Dream House NYC full of modernity? Spending $3 to $5 million for the architects doing the house for about 8 months, the constructions and overall layout have been designed such way to enable the suburbia feel to get through, for example to combine conventional and traditional furniture, and setting the living room to provide intimate access for people. The 1,600 square feet outdoor space, however, was arranged more private. Wrapping the concept of Dream House NYC, treatments for the yard included the ground leveling and covering the ground with blue stone.


Dream House NYC



Dream House NYC

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