Detail Plans to Build Stairs

Understanding the design & construction of stairs & staircases


Building a staircase is not easy and as simple as you thought even it is a short one. You have to consider about the measurements and several calculations that should be carefully set in having detail plans to build stairs. From the standpoint technique, there are not particular difficulties with building stairs for about its shed, porch, or deck. People who have basic skills in carpentry will be easy to do any cuts and assemble the parts. Nevertheless, many people thought that building a staircase is the most challenging plan to do by you; yet, it needs more attention before building.

Basic Detail Plans to Build Interior Stairs

In detail plans to build staircase, you will need in typical staircase three main components, there are risers, treads, and stringers. The stringers are typically cut from 2 x 12s, it is the sloped board which carries the weight people who walk on the stairs and support the other components. The stingers are typically spaced in 16 inches on the center. When you want to determine the width of the staircase, it is better for you to make it wide enough because the wider staircase is the better one. The wide staircase is more comfortable and it is safer to walk on. The width safe of staircase is more than 4 ft width, but wider is better. The cost of building staircase for lower price is about $100-$300 and more.

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The treads are from each step in the top surface, and the risers are directly installed in under the front lip of each tread. Some people think that risers are not the important part of stairs, so they do not install it. However, this statement is a mistake. When you think about the detail plans to build staircase, you should also think about this. Risers protect the exposed notch stringers from the weather. Without the risers, the staircase will split and crack sooner. Those are the detail plans to build staircase in good ways.