Detail Design Own Swimming Pool


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The weather in this year is quite hot. Some people need a fresh thing to cool them in their own house. That is why creating the detail design own swimming pool in house is one of favorite place to be built. Building a pool in your house whether it is natural pool, outdoor pool, or indoor pool, can be a great choice in this summer holiday. The cost of indoor or outdoor swimming pool is around $180, it is the most standard cost and out from the maintenance and others. Building your own natural swimming pool, it will have the cost more expensive than the indoor or outdoor swimming pool, yet it will give you more about the beauty and natural swimming pool like a lake with the stone and trees around it.

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Detail Design Own Swimming Pool Fencing Requirements

The City Government requires building your own pool in the back yard rather than in the front yard. The water edge of the swimming pool should be at least built five feet from back property line or any sides. Before building your detail design own swimming pool, you are better to ask a permit from the City’s Development Services. All pools should be enclosed with a masonry perimeter fence, decorative, or concrete fencing such as the wrought iron. The Government ordinance of swimming pool includes the information about both of the exterior and the interior. For more information, you can ask it in your City’s Development Services office.

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The fencing of your detail design own pool should be at least six feet high, but it should not more than seven feet high. A horizontal combination of wrought iron and masonry is permitted with a maximum concrete curb of four inches in height to prevent the erosion. The curb should be placed at least one inch above the ground and three inches under the ground. The wood fence is forbidden to be used in the detail design own swimming pool, the wood should be changed with the masonry, decorative, or concrete fencing.

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